mailbox magazine submissions can be made here.

there's no theme, but if you'd prefer to art based on a theme, try using the theme of something you'd like to send someone. a lover? an enemy? a long lost relative?
mailbox magazine takes submissions in the following categories:

the art gallery

a gallery for all forms of visual arts. ✅ currently looking! no one's tested limits yet, so submit anything! be wary that mailbox magazine is run and coded by one person (who hasn't figured out how to set up images properly), so art might take a while to appear on the site.

the photo corner

a corner for all sorts of landscapes, vistas, portraits and other real life photos. ✅ currently looking! accepting any photography! similarly to art, i still have to learn how to include images in the website properly so it might take a while.

the story library

a library for fictional, creative and imaginative stories. ✅ currently looking! please limit to at most 2000 words! stories can be anything (on this website, story is defined as a fictional piece, so whether its a novella chapter or a flash fiction piece, anything goes!)

the poetry scroll

a scroll of poems, songs and lyrics. ✅ currently looking! please limit things to 4 pages at most! poetry is a very loose topic, so a lot of things could fit in this section.

the opinion stage

a stage for opinion pieces, rants and discussions. ✅ currently looking! feel free to share any opinions, but don't do things that are harmful to other people. you could have a rant about the climate crisis or public transport, but you can't submit a post that's racist/homophobic/transphobic or harmful to people. (as a sole editor, if something ends up published that i should've flagged please let me know! i don't want to allow harmful posts and i might have to remove this section.)

other posts?

if you've got a post that doesn't quite fit these ideas, feel free to get in contact! we'd love to see the creativity we can share. my email is